This past month I have been focusing on a simple 2-STEP process that is easy, enjoyable, inexpensive, and creates healthy, vibrant skin. Skin that FEELS HAPPY and revitalized. Give yourself a week of treatments and I PROMISE you, (YES, ANYONE can do it even with NO BUDGET), that your skin will be AMAZING. Also, ladies, this has been proven in scientific research to be the ONLY true way to reduce cellulite without surgery. Ideally do this before bed and you will sleep like a baby!

Step 1: Brush Your Skin
Use a boar-bristle brush, and brush your skin in circular patterns. Use a gentle but firm pressure. It should feel really REALLY good. Check out the brush that I prefer, and 'How To" diagram here, but any natural boar bristle brush will work. Rotate in circular patterns towards the heart. 

Step 2: Soak in Epsom Salts
Run a tub of hot water--the hottest you can stand. This helps your body soak in the magnesium from the Epsom Salts. Drop in two cups of Epsom Salts and let dissolve. Sit for as long as you can at least 15 minutes.  I have a hard time with this and usually read the book assigned by my book club.

Do whatever helps you relax. Listen to music, mediate, whatever allows you to sit still. Let your skin absorb the Minerals in the salt. Epsom salt absorbed through he skin also works to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints. 

YES, that is it. Challenge complete!