Wake Up and Feel Beautiful: Cosmetic Tattooing

Wake Up  Feel BeautifulCosmetic Tattooing.png

Would you like to wake up every morning with your “face on”? What if I told you that, with help, you can have beautiful eyelashes, brows and even a hairline?

Yes, it is possible and cosmetic tattoo artists are “drawing on” permanent eye and hair makeup, using the sure hands of a surgeon with the exquisite eye of an artist. And men, a cosmetic tattoo artist can draw a light hairline providing a more “full” image of hair.

Who is a candidate?

Anyone . . .

·       who lost hair due to chemotherapy, alopecia, aging, or hair insufficiency.

·       Who has chemical or makeup allergies, or skin sensitivities.

·       who has difficulty applying makeup due to vision issues, arthritis, or lack of time.

·       who is physically active, or oily skinned individuals who “shed” makeup quickly.

How does it work?

Permanent makeup is done through a process called micropigmentation, wherein a tattoo pen injects permanent ink into the skin. As long as hygiene standards are adhered to, there is little to no risk. The biggest risk is actually dissatisfaction with the aesthetics. So make sure to communicate EXACTLY what you want with photos, and review the tattoo artist’s portfolio of clients before-and-after pictures to make sure you agree with the expected final result. While it is called “permanent,” it does generally fade in approximately 2-3 years and will need to be touched up.

My secret is out

With super-sensitive skin, I cannot wear most skin care or makeup products -- my face blows up like a balloon. Tattoo makeup has been a life-saver for me. I live an active life that includes surfing, biking, swimming, golfing, and I like to invest a minimum of effort, yet look great. I love being able to wake up, look in the mirror, feel beautiful, and run out the door.

Swimming at Smith Mountain Lake in the Rain -- no make-up can survive this kind of day!

Swimming at Smith Mountain Lake in the Rain -- no make-up can survive this kind of day!

My experience

Inari Salon on K street NW, is my reference and Mai Duong is who I trust, because she approaches my requests with an understanding that integrates what I want with what is possible. I want to look natural, and Mai matches the ink to my natural coloring and uses the faintest line to blend in with my natural lashes. Not a heavy line or contrasting color. I love Mai’s manner, her gentle yet sure hand, and her keen eye for detail. I experienced the discomfort of the procedure and swelling afterwards, but I barely remember now when I look at myself in the mirror and feel so pleased. I have seen many of Mai’s other clients over the years, and although I know they are tattooed like me, they don’t look like it, not AT ALL. In the past seven years, I have had one touch-up.

Less is More

Remember that fads come and go, so the best approach is to mimic the “natural” look and start with less. It is always possible to add more permanent makeup or, for va-voom. add eyeliner pencil for special events and evening wear.

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Reprinted from The Georgetowner, Body & Soul, April 5-18, 2017 edition.