Four Top Summer Skin Care Tips

Sun dresses, shorts, swim suits. Summer is about baring skin. So you really want a glowing and smooth complexion. Here are four summer skin-care tips that make getting through this summer with beautiful, ageless skin, easy.


1.     Exfoliate:

The best way to exfoliate is to skin brush. It removes dead skin and enhances new cellular regeneration. Softens skin and improves skin tone. Skin is our largest organ and our best way to detox. Look younger by brushing your skin on your face and body. It brings blood to the surface of the skin. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, helping to feed skin. Skin-brushing, also called dry brushing – is a simple technique that stimulates blood and lymph flow. Find directions here from

2.     Hydrate:

Drink plenty of water. Skin care cannot rehydrate skin, it only protects from moisture loss. So make sure to drink plenty of water. We all are unique and our bodies' need for water can vary. A good rule is to take your body weight, divide it in half, and that is the amount of ounces of water you need per day.

3.     Sun Protection:

Remember that your skin absorbs whatever you put on it. That includes the ingredients of the skin care and/or sunscreen product you use. A quick and easy way to choose a sunscreen that is healthy and good to use is the Skin Deep App, by the Environmental Working Group. They rank skin care and cosmetic ingredients and health risk in a huge database. And don’t forget to cover up with a long sleeve cotton shirt or rash-guard while on the beach. And don’t forget a hat.

4.     Sooth, Repair, and Protect:

Look for skin care product that works with skin’s natural healing process. Great skin and ageless beauty are all about getting inflammation down to curb skin damage and calm redness. What we put on the skin is ingested like anything we eat. Skin is porous and absorbs whatever is put on it. Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals pack a punch and address environmental damage and help skin heal and repair. Leverage the amazing capability of your body to slow down the aging process and repair itself by feeding your skin nutritionally.


These simple easy tips will help to ensure great skin during the coming summer months.


Originally posted on the Plastic Surgery Center Blog