Luscious Lips Stain - TERRA COTTA


Luscious Lips Stain - TERRA COTTA


Lip stain with the base of bio-available nutrients are carefully integrated to assist your body to restore your lips to their natural health, while preserving the natural moisture barrier, fighting drying, cracking and wrinkling. Lips will be better nourished, promoting rapid self-healing, and an improved appearance. While at the same time the addition of Mica minerals provides the appearance of lips drenched in shimmering color. What is Mica? It is a mineral that can be milled to a fine powder. Because it is naturally produced it is a particularly well-loved natural ingredient among organic and natural products and is SAFE to use on skin. Check out these reflective glittery shade of deliciousness. Yum!

  • Moisture barrier is restored and preserved, lips are rosy.

  • Antioxidants defend lips from environmental toxins.

  • Naturally stimulates collagen production, lips are plumped

  • Soothes, heals, and protects.

  • Warm earth color that tends to run rusty brownish red.

Color: Terra Cotta

Ingredients: : **Lanolin, *Raw Honey, *Cocoa Butter, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Mica, *Blood Orange andVanilla Essential Oil. *Organic** Wild-crafted         

Application: Apply a tiny amount gently with the tip of the applicator. Now those lips are kissable! Now go find someone you love to practice on.

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